Times and Fees

We have placements for 15-hour funding and 30-hour funding which we are more than happy to help with retrieving your funding code. Sessions run from 08:15am and we finish at 3:30pm with several different sessions running throughout the day.

30-hour-funding- You do not have to take up all your hours straight away and we usually have flexibility when selecting sessions. Genuinely you can attend 4 full day sessions 08:15am-3:30pm to take up your full entitlement.

Morning Sessions: 08:45am – 11:45am
Afternoon Sessions:12:30pm-3:30pm
All day sessions: 08:45am-3:30pm.
School Sibling Sessions: 09:30am-2:30pm  
Early start:From 8:15am
Lunch session: 11:45am-12:30pm

If your child is in receipt of 15-hour funding we are trialling a new timing aimed at parents with older siblings in schools to help with school drop off and pick-ups, which run from 9:30am-2:30pm and the full 15 hour will result in your child attending nursery 3 days per week.

We are flexible with collection times and where we can, we will try and accommodate your requests. We always ensure we are in staffing ratio.

Non-Funded childcare

We offer childcare from the age of 18 months. 

We offer placements for non-funded children from the age of 2 years old.

Please contact us for more information about fees and session charges.

We offer an early start if your child is coming in before their start time- this runs from 8:15am.

We offer your child to stay for the lunchtime period and will need to be collected from their morning session at 12:30pm.

We bill our snack and session fees termly via an online invoicing account which is set up upon your arrival with us at Little Jimmy’s.

Snack bills can be split up to 3 payments to help spread the cost and make it financially affordable for all families. We accept cash or bank transfer payments. We do not accept cheques.

Session fees need to be paid 2 weekly in advance, if there is non-payment of fees this may result in suspension of sessions until the debt is cleared. If you are experiencing financial hardship let a member of management know so we can help you and rearrange sessions to make it more affordable. We are here to help where we can.

If your child is absent sessions and snack are still chargeable.


Whilst nursery is not compulsory, we encourage children to have good attendance due to it improving their development and gaining new social skills and achieving their long-term goals being in regular attendance. Having regular attendance allows the child to grow with us. If your child is absent we ask you to call or email too allow us to document this in our attendance book.

Government Funded Sessions

All children are now eligible for up to 15 funded hours per week starting from the term after their 3rd birthday. Some children may also be eligible for 2-year-old funding providing that the family meet certain criteria.

You can find out if you are entitled by visiting the Essex Education Portal online or alternatively ask the Office for more details about this. Funding is available for a minimum of 3-hour sessions, 5 times a week for 38 weeks per year. We are able to help our parents with this if needed and run the funding check if you cannot access this yourself. 30 Hour funding is also available to those eligible the term after the child’s 3rd birthday. You need to access the government gateway account and apply before the deadline.

All this information is available in the front office where we can help with accessing your codes.

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