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About Us

Little Jimmy’s Pre-school is a non-denominational group. It was formally known as St. Clare’s Day Nursery, which was founded by the Franciscan Sisters and has been established since 1968. 

In July 1999 the Convent premises at Harold Road closed its doors and the pre-school moved to its present site at St James Church Hall in Tower Road and was no longer run by the sisters.

The Pre-school remains a charity but is now a committee run group. The Committee consists of past and present parents / carers who are elected at the Annual General Meeting. 

Why Choose Us

The pre-school is a non-profit making organization; all the money received through fees and fundraising etc. is ploughed back into the pre-school.

For the pre-school to continue with its present ethos, the involvement and support of the parents / carers is essential.

Working together can help develop the future running of the pre-school for your child. Please support our fundraising events and attend any meetings that are held.

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